Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Digs

New House in Virginia I once figured the entire amount of counter-space I had in our old house measured out to the length of our coffee table. Really! It still amazes me that I managed to cook so much, can and preserve, make wine, and bake wedding cakes in that kitchen.

To say I love my new kitchen is an understatement. I have OODLES of counter-space, granite, AND TWO OVENS! It’s the kitchen that sold me on the place, although we are renting for now until we learn the area. The bathrooms are still stuck in the 1970’s, but hey…I spend more time in the kitchen anyway.

The parties we’re going to have here are gonna’ be fierce!

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Marysol said...

I think I'm in love with your kitchen as well. There's a lot space to spread out, and cook, or bake, to your heart's content.

My kitchen is of average size, with lots of windows for natural light, which I appreciate. But (there's always a 'but,' isn't there?) the lack of counter space has always been an issue with mine.
So, I've succumbed to the fact that, cleaning while cooking, will always be a fact of life.


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