Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring daffodils in the front yard

Literally over night! After this long, wintery break from blogging, I’m ready to start a new year with new thoughts, ideas, recipes, and pictures. But I’m not sure if this is the right venue. I know I need to update my blogging platform and make this site more searchable and sociable, but I just don’t have the interest at this point. I’d rather be doing other things. I’d rather be in it, getting dirty, and sharing later.

What have I been up to lately? Cooking for sure, just not much of it. Last weekend I put up 18 quarts of the most fan-friggin’ awesome homemade, home fermented sauerkraut. I started fermenting it on Christmas day and it took almost 3 months of low and slow to really be something special. Next want to start up ye’ olde wine making equipment and do something with all those pounds of frozen peaches in my freezer from last year’s harvest.

I’ve been into painting lately, specifically pop/modern stencil art like this, and this, and this. I’m still very new, but I love how you can take everyday things and make it into art…part whimsy…part message. I love how I can make something to hang on my walls that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Plus handmade art makes great, customized gifts.

I’ve been working a lot at my job, especially last December and January, but it’s all good and I like my job for the most part. It has its moments like every job, but it’s been the best so far.

And that’s really about it, for the most part. I plan to do more outside type stuff this year, venture into new interests, and build on the old ones. Stay tuned!

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