Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a Real Garden Looks Like

We have been inundated with greens this spring. I planted waaaaaay too much bok choi, lettuce, and spinach for just the two of us to enjoy. And enjoy it we did! It's all gone now, as the heat has made everything bolt or wilt into slime. That's okay because I'm ready to move onto malabar spinach and bush beans.

All the extra greens we had were given out to coworkers and friends. I'm always surprised when people expect perfect produce and I want to tell them, "This isn't Whole Foods, but it's better." Yeah, it may not be perfect and it might even have a few blemishes or holes, but I can absolutely guarantee that it was grown organically and with love. It's a real garden, with food grown in real soil, with real bugs, heck I might even find a sneaky slug or two.

I don't use any pesticides or chemicals, so things aren't grocery store perfect. This is what food looks like grown in a real garden.

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