Friday, December 07, 2018

Soapy Friday: Packaging Concepts - First Revision

So, last Friday night I met with my graphic designer to go over the first packaging concept designs for my soap boxes and other labeling. I could NOT be more thrilled!...

I loved something from all of these!
 I love that she provides 5 mock-up concepts and we go from there. There will be 2-3 more revision cycles from this (I believe) until we narrow it down to the perfect design. I'm liking a little bit of all the boxes, so we'll pull that all in to design the one we want as a final concept.

So much fun!
Once that is done, then we decide how we want these to be printed. Glossy? Flat? Embossed? Foil?

I can't wait!


Monday, December 03, 2018

Gratuitous Kitteh Monday

Miss Thang looks adorable snuggling up to her Yeowww! Banana...I've had these things for a few years and they love them. They're filled with catnip and the two I originally purchased have been used and abused intensely. Mostly, they just sit there and lick them over-and-over-and-over. There's a few bunny kicks thrown in for enthusiasm.

They have thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon, and they're worth it! I'm going to order 2 more for Christmas. :-)

A Thang and Her Banana

Friday, November 30, 2018

Soapy Friday: Building a Brand

Where have I been?

Oh, you know, the usual…but mostly I’ve been in a holding pattern, and I’ve only made ONE BATCH OF SOAP SINCE OCTOBER 19TH!!!! It’s the longest I’ve gone not making soap since we moved and since I started on this journey.

I’ve been slowly, oh so slowly, working on building a brand. For the past year, I’ve applied and gone through the trademark publishing process. I’ve hired two graphic artists and fired one. The second one is a true soulmate and can visualize where I want to go.

So far, we have developed my logo and my brand-style, which has a modern, inclusive, pop-art sassiness…

Super Sassy Pop-Art!

And we came up with this...

Next, we are now working on packaging design. I’m in a “chicken-or-the-egg” situation, where I don’t know if I should design the soap to fit a box or design a box to fit my soap. I DO know I want some sort of open pane on my soap boxes for smelling, but I don’t think I want it where it is in this sample. 

Soap Box Template #1

I don't this window pane will work...stuff will fall out

I like it on this soap
I’m meeting with my graphic artist this afternoon to look at her first batch of packaging concepts and we will go from there…I'm so excited to see what she has come-up with!

In the meantime, I’m working on formulating solid shampoo bars. This is my first one and IT WORKS and IT’S pH BALANCED! I have a loooooong way to go though….down the rabbit hole I go.

First solid shampoo works, but needs tweaking!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Gratuitous Kitteh Monday

We officially went from summer to winter seemingly overnight. The temps last week were in the 80's and 70's and now we are in the 30's at night with 50's and 40's in the daytime. The leaves are barely starting to change and normally they are at their peak by the week of October.

The kittehs OTOH are taking advantage of the shift in sunlight and a knitted blanket I have on my office chair. Miss Thang is giving me the stinkeye and Chaz will probably start annoying her any minute in order to get her to jump out of the chair. That way, he can have it all to himself. They both "fight" over's been funny to watch.

This year has been so strange weather wise in Virginia. I'm sort of glad I did not have a vegetable garden, as I've heard that all the rain made local gardening a bear. Split tomatoes, blight, fungus, and weeds, weeds, weeds. It would have been a hot, muddy, mess for sure. Although I miss having a garden, it HAS been nice to have the extra time and energy to do fun things again. We're going to have trick-or-treaters...big difference from living in the country for 6 years!

Missing, but NOT missing my old veggie garden!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Soapy Friday - "Coco Loco"

Happy soapy Friday everyone! This bar of soap looks pretty ordinary, doesn't it? But is not!

"Coco Loco" - Crazy Luxury Soap!
I present to you "Coco Loco" - made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and coconut milk, it will make your skin feel loco soft and smooth! It's scented with an exotic, coconut-fruit fragrance blend that will make you think that you are gently swinging in a hammock between two palm trees on the beach.

It has only 6 ingredients colorants, nothing extra, just crazy, creamy good stuff for your skin!

I made this soap 3 weeks ago and I can't wait to try it; it even FEELS creamy in my hand. Hope this is what I've been hoping...a super creamy, luxury bar of soap.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Soapy Friday: Rethinking Laundry Soap

Whooo...I've been busier than a one-legged paper hanger lately! My laundry cream got me thinking...although it worked fine and it was wonderful, it WAS a cream that required distilled water to make. And water means you need to use a preservative, which I wanted to avoid.

Laundry Soap Powder
So, I reformulated it back into a good-ol'-fashioned soap powder. It works just a well, it requires less ingredients (which equals less $$ to make) AND it's cheaper to package. I'm thinking ahead here, and I think there is a want and need for a more natural laundry product.

So, there's that. Also, I've been testing fragrance oils like cray around here. I'm having a love affair with Nuture Soaps and this might very well be my numero uno fragrance oil company for the future.

Testing Fragrance Oils in Cold Processed Soap

PLUS, they sent me the most awesome Ryan...I mean LOOK AT IT! They even friggin' laminated it!

"Hey Girl..."
Lastly, I sold some of my very first bars of soap last weekend! Hubby and I finally got around to having a garage sale and I decided to put out a display for my soap, body butter, and laundry soap. I friggin' sold $150 worth of my stuff ALONE! I so wish I had gotten a pic of my setup...but I was too busy and distracted. Sigh.

Anywho, things are really looking up...I'm hoping to debut my logo & business cards soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Soapy Friday: Halloween Soaps

I've been having such a blast over the past couple of weeks making my Classic Monsters Halloween soaps...

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