Friday, July 26, 2019

Opening August 1st!

Golly, where have I been all summer? I've been around for sure, but more importantly Ravish Soap Company is officially opening August 1st, 2019!!!

Ravish Soap Company...we're trademarked ya'll!

That's next friggin' week ya'll and I'm "bit" stressed out about it to say the least. But I know it will all work out in the end and there will be bumps I'm sure...probably mostly with shipping. That's been the most stressful thing of all!

"My BFF Rosie" has come a LONG WAY BABY!
If I could go back in time and tell my future self this, I'd say making soap, body butter, sugar scrubs, shampoo bars, etc. are going to be the easy part. Not only am I the formulator and manufacturer, but I'm also the IT person, web-designer, graphic artist, business manager, shipping & receiving, social media marketing specialist, photographer, tax specialist, permits, insurance, supplies...and-on-and-on.

"Dirty Girl" let's you get dirty as much as you want!
We are launching with 9 baseline, cold-processed soaps, 8 matching body butters and foaming sugar scrubs. Solid shampoo bars will be launched this fall along with 4 seasonal soaps, body butters, and sugar scrubs. WOOT!
"My Happy Place" makes me so happy!
There's still a ton of small ends to clean-up, but I'm ready to get this party started. Check us out at our website to purchase (note, the website will be live after August 1st):

Or follow us on Instagram:

Or Facebook:

Right now I'm learning all the ins-and-outs about having a business on social media. But I have a good feeling about it all.

Have a good weekend!

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Mary said...

You've been slammin' busy! Congratulations on all you have accomplished and so much more to come! We're rooting for you!


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