Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: What a Crock!

Crocking for V-Day So, Valentine’s Day came and went at our house. Hubs got me a gift card and I got him a neat tool-thingamajig, which turned out to be something he couldn’t use.

Romance, we haz it.

As I was returning and exchanging the tool, I spotted a kickass collection of brand new pickling crocks sitting on a dusty shelf in the back of the hardware store. I promptly whipped out my gift card and grabbed a 5 gallon crock right up. Well, more like lugged it right up…that thing is heavy!

Sauerkraut heaven, here I come!

See? Romance can be found where you least expect it. Love you sweetie!


Marysol said...

You were very practical in your choice, you Ebenizer.

Honestly, I'm pretty much the same way. Although I still get roses, I'd much prefer getting utilitarian gifts.
Particularly, kitchen stuff, cookbooks, and the like. These things make me happy.

Just the Right Size said...

LOL Sol! I can't help it...I think pickle crocks are beautiful. :-)


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