Friday, January 28, 2011

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby

Life and Snow Oh, hey guys. What’s going on? So, we moved to the semi-great-white north and things have been getting on fine. I’ve put my Florida feet away.

We’re loving it up here. I love that I can blow-dry my hair and not end up in a giant ball of sweat afterwards. If I get hot, I just open a window. What a concept!

We now have these two little fur-balls to keep me busy during the long, cold wintry days. They both came from the ASPCA and a rescue group. Meet Chaz and Lucy! Lucy is the kitten and I forgot what a handful kittens can be, but she’s sweet too, so that helps. I know...they look exactly alike...I'm anal that way.

I’m on a new job hunt. Basically, I’ve been out of work by choice for one year. My last job completely burned me out to where I woke up one day and said, “¡NO MAS!” That job literally made me sick and I had to make a choice between my sanity and a pay check.

Since the age of 14, I’ve never not had a job…or two…or even three at a time. This past year has been completely new and alien to me, but a well-needed recharging. Plus a good portion was used to help sell our house and relocate up here. I also did a bit of volunteer work and watched wayyyy too much of the Military History Channel. I slept a lot, and spent days where I didn’t even shower, and it was all deliciously wonderful. I couldn’t have done it without my hunny bunny husband, who is a doll and supported me every step of the way.

Happy New Year!


Marysol said...

I had no idea you're no longer living in FLA, and that you're even content with snow. This must've been a very recent move.
I'll wait till next winter to ask you about the weather [g]

Cute furry babies.
Were were recently looking to adopt a kitty, and found one who looked very much like our Puddin' (The fact the cat resembled ours was purely coincidental). And while very affectionate, it was her loud purr that caught our attention.
And I have no idea why I even brought this up.

In any event, enjoy your new home!

manatee moving companies said...

From your story, it certainly looks like you deserve your much needed break. I say not to worry about it, I myself have suffered being burnt out at one point or another. For now, let your cats keep you amused and when you're ready, you'll jump right back on the workaholic bandwagon. Lucy looks like a sweetheart!

Just the Right Size said...


So nice to hear from you! We moved almost 4 months ago, which seems like forever.

Still love the cold, but I'm getting a little cabin-feverish.

Manatee, thanks for the encouragement...I'm ready to get back in the rat-race.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you from sunny alternating with frigid Florida.
One day it's 80 degrees and the next it's 37 degrees. We're all confused down here!!
Miss you tons. cowlady


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