Thursday, January 22, 2009


Was it irony, divine intervention, karma, or intuition that kept me home "sick" on Tuesday? I really wanted to stay home and watch the inauguration, so I called my boss and told him I wasn't feeling well. Cough. Party on!

Two hours later, I had my head in the toilet and my butt cheeks clenched tight. Something got a hold of me and I really WAS sick with some sort of intestinal bug. I felt perfectly fine that morning, thinking I'd be able to enjoy the day watching history being made. Three days later and I'm still unable to keep solids down. Bleh!

How does the universe know these things?


jojo said...

IF you were a goat i'd know how to help! but i can't. i hope you are feeling better and look to the positive must have lost weight on the purge. :)

OhioMom said...

I am sorry you were so ill, hope you are feeling better.

Just the Right Size said...

Yeah, but Jojo, THIS isn't the way I wanted to do it! LOL!

Now, I'm thinking it was a guardian angel that told me to call in sick.

Marysol said...

The universe had nothing to do with it. It was the son of a Bush Curse.

I know this, because during the inauguration, some guy pulled up in front of my house and proceeded to ralph, right there, on my front lawn.

Glad to know you're better.


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