Sunday, January 20, 2008

Under Pressure

Whew! What a week! Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been hit by a professional and physical trifecta this past week: new job, upper respiratory infection, and new thyroid meds, which make me want to climb the walls at 2 a.m. and do things like repave the driveway. Basically, I haven't slept since November.

I've worked at the same cushy government job for the past 4 years and was getting lazy. I knew I had backed myself into a professional niche, and it would be hard for me to get out of if I ever needed to find other work. Plus, hubby and I worked in the same office (yes, I KNOW...) and I'd be lying if it I didn't say it had some sort of effect on our personal life. I needed to find myself again. So I started a new job last week while trying to overcome a nasty virus (again) AND not sleep. The good thing about being over medicated on thyroid meds is not gaining an ounce over the holidays! Score!

Ur Doin' it Wrong, Or Keeping Your Lid on Tight

As I mentioned earlier, Santa brought me a new pressure cooker for Christmas and I've been all over it like Michael Jackson at a Boy Scout meeting! Turns out, I've been doing it wrong all along! The bloody user's manual sucked major green donkey weenies, and I couldn't figure out what the hell they were talking about. I thought the pressure cooker was broken because it wasn't coming up to pressure. I mean, after all, I WAS following the friggin' manual! Hey, guess what? It came with a bloody video too, and BLAM, I watched and learnt' it. I'm sooooo smrt! I wasn't putting the lid on entirely right, but now I'm back in business. Last night I made a kick-butt beef stew from a recipe I downloaded on Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker website, and I'd share it with you, but I had to pay for it! Tough bea-yach she is!

It was worth it.

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