Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year

Oh my. That was hectic. One minute you’re toodling right along, and the next…BAM! Here comes another year!

I can’t say that Christmas and the New Year were the best, in fact it they both really stank. You see, I found out that hubby had certain financial responsibilities that he wasn’t really taking care of. He wasn’t exactly ignoring them, but he wasn’t taking them seriously enough, and now they’ve gotten out of control. All along I was under the belief that he had things as good-as-gold, but he didn’t and plans for the New Year have changed.

Some of the changes are for the better (a new financial planning approach), and some a little more depressing (staying in sucky Florida for another year). You see, ever since we went to the Pacific North West last year for our honeymoon, we both completely fell in love with the area and decided THAT was the place for us. We had a plan to transition jobs and physical locations. We’ve kept an eye on the housing market here and the job market there. We’ve started sending resumes; we have no children, and didn’t have significant debt. We have good jobs and advanced degrees. Piece of cake.

Or so I thought.

I understand what happened. I understand this new debt ($25k) wasn’t spent on trivial things; it was spent on needed things (not wanted), but I still feel betrayed. I did all the right things before we got married: I checked his credit score, saw what bills he was paying, and how much he brought in. But somehow, he didn’t feel safe to tell me what was happening in between that time and now. So here we are; concerned for the future, and me a bit bummed and hurt.

I wish I had more positive things to share with you right now dear readers, but time will settle things down and another year will have its way.

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