Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baker In The Midst

When I was younger, I once mistaken the movie title “Gorillas in The Mist” as “Gorillas in The Midst”, which left me pondering, “In the midst of WHAT?”

A teenager at the time, that kind of thinking kept my easily entertained brain busy for quite a while. Were they in the midst of a scientific breakthrough? Communication with aliens? Poo flinging turf wars? Why Coke Classic changed their formula? What could gorillas be in the midst of?

Deep thoughts; I haz them!

This past week, I almost witnessed a grown man cry over a brownie. As I mentioned earlier, I started a new job where no one knows who I am. I am a baker at heart. At my last job, they grieved me leaving not because they would miss ME, but my baked goods. Especially the cakes. So, I decided to try my new environment with a simple pan of blondie brownies. Nothing special, just flour, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips. The reaction I received was nothing short of remarkable. You would have thought these people had never seen a home-baked treat before.

Now I’m in like Flynn, especially with the IT bubbas.

1 comment:

OhioMom said...

"You would have thought these people had never seen a home-baked treat before"

Many haven't ... I remember when my children were growing up how their friends used to like to hang at our house, because I cooked "real food" ... LOL !


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