Friday, June 09, 2017

Soapy Friday - Zucchinis and Honey Soap

Happy Friday everyone!

First, here's a huge zuke I picked from the garden. I swear, you turn your back on these things for a minute and they turn into monsters...

Monster zuke...coming to a garden near you!
Second, I am so excited to have received my first, official soap cutter from Bud's Woodshop on Etsy. This handcrafted work of art has GREATLY replaced the embarrassing cheese slicer I was using to cut loaves of soap, LOL!

My new soap cutter!
Third, I reworked my Honey Soap recipe....AGAIN. The last batch I made where I discounted the water amount and included pink sea salt to get a harder bar did not turn out the way I had hoped. It still did not have that smooth, creamy, hard bar look I was aiming for.

Honey soap don't care!
In fact, this and many of my past batches came out with a sort of grainy look to them and I suspected the large amount of sunflower oil was the culprit. It's still amazingly luxurious to use, but not what I want my final product to look like.

So, I tried another batch and replaced half of that sunflower oil with cocoa butter. Cocoa butter contributes to a harder bar of soap, while also contributing to its moisturizing benefits without decreasing lather, unlike shea butter. It also helps with eliminating soda ash.

I immediately liked how this loaf looked compared to my other batches. It had a nice, consistent creamy-smooth appearance and I was able to unmold it and cut at 24-hours. Usually, I have to wait 48-hours with my previous, more sunflower oil, batches.

My new soap cutter is a dream! No more uneven bars of soap.

Cutting the soap
So, we will see in 4-6 weeks how this turned out, but I have a feeling I'm on to something!

All perfect and straight!


Mary said...

Beautiful Honey soap. I'm still a fan of the high sunflower oil content for the health benefits for my skin. I love the honeycomb pattern you use. Definitely has eye appeal which is important for sales. Humans buy with their eyes and not their brain - especially US citizens.

Just the Right Size said...

Thank you Mary! I love the sunflower oil too, but it makes my soap too unstable, but I will find a way to still make it special. Trial and error.

In the meantime, you will get plenty to use! :-)


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