Monday, June 19, 2017

Gratuitous Kitteh Monday

Whelp, we're back to reintroduction. I had to take Chaz to to the vet last week, which turned into a $1,200 odyssey and that of course made him SMELL differently when I brought him home.

What happened was Chaz had a very bad stomach/digestive reaction to a new hairball ointment we gave him...basically he had what we would describe as food poisoning or a "bad dish of whatever..." You know, when you eat something bad and you're hating life for several hours/days.

When that happens to a kitteh, it basically shuts down their whole digestive system. They won't eat, they won't drink, they won't pee/poop, which can be very dangerous and damaging if it goes on for days. So, we had to take him to the vet, have several x-rays done, IV fluids, medicine, and even kept at the vet's office overnight for observation.

Miss Thang was having NONE OF IT when he came back...

I tried rubbing both cats down with vanilla extract and separated them for a few days, but she is still hissy/growley and wants to lunge at him in open spaces. She's afraid of him because he smells and is acting differently and her instinct is to act out aggressively. We decided to put her back on Prozac again, as we've noticed over the past few months that she has been ramping up her aggression reactions to anything that scares her or makes her feel anxious....a loud noise, me running to grab my phone when it's ringing, Chaz behaving differently.

Chaz is not out of the woods yet. He hasn't pooped in almost a week, so will need to take him back to the vet today. He's not going to like what they are going to do to him!

Sigh. Too. Much. Drama.

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