Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April in the Garden

This past month has been focused on facelifts for the yard and garden.

We FINALLY finished rescreening the back porch. I tilled in 6 wheelbarrows of compost, plus garden soil and I was able to replant all of my perennials. This area needed it though, as it was compact, hard red clay and the plants struggled. I actually have room for more plants now! These will grow up and hide the gap under the porch. Still, maybe next year we'll put in some lattice under the porch so it's not so ugly.

The winter sowing sprouts are doing marvelously. In fact, I need to get them in the ground this week. But before doing that, I needed to to deal with all those WEEDS!

It's been 3 years since we mulched around the beds and the old mulch had pretty much decomposed into the mud. This makes a perfect hangout for seasonal weeds, which take up too much of my valuable time to deal with, so new mulch is being laid as we speak.

This pile doesn't look like much from up here, but it's about 5 ft. tall. Many, many, many wheelbarrows to go...

The first iris of the season. I call this tiny thing my "Cemetery Iris" as I rescued it from the trash bin of a nearby cemetery a couple of years ago. It's only 6"-8" tall and blooms one or two flowers a year...still it's pretty in it's tiny way.

I bought many spring blooming bulbs from Breck's last year and have been really impressed with their quality. Here is a pot of red tulips in the front yard. One can never have too many bulbs...

Lastly, hubby and I spotted the most magnificent double rainbow a couple of weeks ago while driving. It was probably the brightest, most colorful rainbow I've ever seen. Happy spring!

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