Monday, November 30, 2015

Gratuitous Kitteh Monday

Well, I hope you had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! We had a very quiet turkey day with just the two of us, but I did crank out a yummy bird with all the fixings. Sometimes it's good to just do your own thing.

I can tell by my posting stats that you all have been looking for faster, easier ways to make mashed potatoes for the big day, as my #1 post viewed this past month was:

How To Use a Pressure Cooker: Mashed Potatoes in 10 Minutes!

So easy!

You all are also busy finding ways to pack and ship your yummy canned goods for Christmas, as my #2 most viewed post was:

How To Pack and Label Canned Food for Shipping

I'm going to be doing that again very soon. I need to make some more jams though. I've been busy making cookie dough to freeze for The Great Cookie Bake of 2015 and I'm almost set. It's such a tedious thing to coordinate everything and ship it all out, but it's worth it.

Things should be back to "normal" for the next couple of weeks as far as posts go. I have some new things that I've done and projects completed that I'm dying to share!

Now, where's the leftovers?

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