Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Fall Happenings

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately and it looks like hubby and I are in for some even bigger changes ahead in the next coming months and following year.

We have decided to sell our beautiful country house next spring.

I know....AGAIN! This will be the 4th time we've moved in less than 6 years.

This has actually been something that's been at the back of our minds for a while now and we weren't even planning on acting on this until at least 2017, but we are motivated to act earlier. Turns out our neighbors, who have the exact same house as ours, are selling next year too. They have had their house appraised at a lower price than ours, so after talking to them, it seems like the smarter move for both parties would be for us to sell first at a (hopefully) higher sale. That way, we both benefit from the higher sale and comps. So, it looks like our plans got bumped up.

I've always said that you get a house just the way you like it and then it's time to sell, but the truth is, I'm looking forward to moving back into the "burbs". Living here has been a lesson on what kind of people we really are and our lifestyle. Although I have many "country ways," I am not a country least not one who has to travel into DC for work. :-)

Speaking of work, I have a big interview tomorrow for a new job that I am excited about (at least for never know). If I get this job, my commute will go from 0 to 1000 in a flash and moving will be pretty much mandatory, as I don't want to spend 4-5 hours a day sitting in DC traffic.

I have a big professional certification exam that I am taking on the 23rd of this month that I've been studying with a study group for 3 months. I'm pretty nervous about that too, so not too much cooking or DIY stuff has been going on....well SOME. I will post when I am done and have time.

So, the next couple of months will be committed to doing all those little projects that I've been putting off, but now HAVE to be done in order to sell. SIGH...the story of my life.

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