Friday, August 21, 2015

Back At It

This past week we have had our painter, Bill, over at the house painting all the first floor baseboards, crown moulding, chair rails, and a good portion of the ceilings.

They really did need it. Our house is 10 years old and still had the original, contractor-grade paint job on all the trim and ceilings. Over the years, the trim work has settled and gapped in places, but my biggest pet-peeve has been the nail-pops in the ceilings. They are the equivalent to a crooked picture that you can never straighten.

We had nail-pops in almost every room. I never knew how bad things looked until Bill made everything better. Such a difference!

Next year, we will have him back to do the upstairs.

It's been stressful all week, as we've had to keep the kittehs locked up separately so they wouldn't get in the way or rub up against a wet door frame or jump up on a wet window sill. We let them out in the evenings and the mornings before Bill arrives, and they think all his tools and supplies are some sort of an awesome kitteh jungle gym.

Every night this week we've had to move furniture from one room to another, clean, and wipe down baseboards and crown moulding...WHEW! My house is a mess and I need a break.

Thanks goodness it's Friday!

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