Wednesday, July 08, 2015


It is just beginning...the annual onslaught of tomatoes. I picked these and one, honking big zucchini this morning. The maters on the windowsill were picked on Monday, and there are about a dozen more tomatoes on the cusp of ripening to perfection as I type.

None of my heirloom tomatoes have started to ripen, but there is fruit. The plants are HUGE and are probably the most gorgeous tomato plants I've ever seen. Leaves the size of my hand!

There is nothing to give this perspective, but I am 5' 6" tall and these monsters are a good 2 feet taller than me!

I planted these plants in the box that held my hairy vetch cover crop from last fall. Hairy vetch followed by tomatoes are supposed to be BFFs, but I'm wondering if if they got too much nitrogen. I have fruit, but I'm concerned that I should have more. Of course, a couple of weeks with temps in the 90's when they were flowering didn't help, I'm sure. Tomatoes won't set fruit when daytime temperatures rise above 85-90 degrees, as that makes the pollen unviable, so that pretty much describes most of June. That and all the humidity has made the perfect setting for fungal issues, but what can you do?

That's the roll of the dice, right?

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