Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kitchen Upgrade Status: The Final Countdown

First, a little 80's hair band motivational music...

I am merely days away from having my life back. The crown moulding and trim are up on the MDF, everything has been primed and sanded TWICE, caulked, and the doors are down in the basement...just waiting for that very special moment. All this small detail work is killing me. It doesn't sound like much, but it's like trying to walk through mud up to your thighs.

I am two coats of paint away from sanity, actually one since I've put on the first coat since this picture was taken. UGH!

Hey hexagon....octagon...WHATEV...THE LIGHT IS UP! A total pain in the arse, but beautiful.

But once the paint has dried, I'm not ready to open that bottle of Moet Chandon just yet. I still have the following small details to wrap up before I can fully declare victory:

  • Install door hardware and hang doors
  • Touch up paint scuffmarks on ceiling
  • Touch up wall paint
  • Paint window trim and install window apron
  • Hang 2nd ceiling light fixture
  • Fix tiling in cabinet corner


FYI, I won't post again about the kitchen until I'm completely done and can give a final reveal with before and after pics. I am so ready!

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