Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June in the Garden

Ugh, it's been hot. I mean HOT! To add insult to injury, we haven't had much rain at all. The daily storms tease us and dance all around the area, but fail to bring us love. Still, a lot has been going on in the garden:

Yesterday, I plucked my first batch of Russian fingerling potatoes. There's about a pound here and I have 2 more small beds to pick still   These will get roasted tonight with some olive oil, salt & pepper and served with some grilled hamburger patties...maybe a salad too.

Every morning when I go out to water, I pick a handful of these Bristol Black raspberries. None have made it into the house. I have to admit that although they are nice, they taste more like blackberries than raspberries. There are worse problems to have, no?

After the berries, I pick a handful of these Mammoth Melting Sugar snap peas. This makes for a nice breakfast with the raspberries.

I water the tomatoes, which are HUGE already. The bed on the back is my peas, the bed in the middle is mostly Early Girl and the bed closest to the front is my heirloom winter sowed babies. The electrical wire is back up, as the crows are up to their hi-jinks again.

I then give myself a guilt trip because I look at my WAY PAST THEIR PRIME lettuce greens and spinach that have bolted. I love these greens, but they are such a pain to clean...so they sit there and taunt me. Does that make me a bad gardner?

This huge, monster volunteer of a vine has taken over my cucumbers. They weren't that happy there anyway. What are you big, monster vine?

Methinks you are some sort of butternut squash...

The garlic is pretty much ready for digging up and drying. I didn't have to buy garlic for cooking until two months ago and this batch looks like it did much better than last year. Ironically, I have butternut squash planned to go in this bed afterwards. LOL!

This has been the first time I have ever grown hollyhocks and I love them. The pink ones are a mix of Outhouse and the black ones are Nigra. The bees love them...and so do the Japanese beetles and hollyhock rust. Sigh.

That's it for this month! All the rest of the perennials I planted are poking along...you know...first they sleep, then they creep, then they leap. I am ready for the leaping!

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