Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kitchen Upgrade Status: DIY Cause and Effect

One of the things about DIY projects, or any major remodel for that matter, is what I call “cause and effect”.
  • If I do THIS, then THAT will happen, or
  • If I do THAT, then I need to do THIS first.

Something as simple as picking out a light fixture can throw a big, ol’ wrench in your project. For example, take the light fixture I want from Shades of Light:

Perfect, right? However, that fixture is limited to 1, 60 watt bulb.

And, my current fixture above my sink has 2 bulbs that are anywhere from 60-100 watts each. What I definitely DON’T want to do is reduce the lighting footprint in my kitchen.

Also, you’ll notice that I have a 2nd ceiling fixture that currently matches the one above the sink. I don’t want mismatched lights either.


One of the thoughts that my husband and I had was to replace that 2nd ceiling light with a small radius, ceiling-hugger fan. Like one of these cutie patooties:

However, if I do THIS, then I need to call in an electrician to install a ceiling fan electrical mount box, as a standard electrical box is not strong enough to withstand the vibrations of a ceiling fan.

And if I do THAT, then is there anything else I want the electrician to do while he is here, since there is a $200 minimum work order requirement with our electrical company?

How about under cabinet lights to compensate for the lower wattage lighting over the sink? GENIUS!

BUT, if I want THAT, then I had better get the electrician out here to do it when the tile is removed from the wall, and do I need to skip ahead and paint the underside of the cabinets FIRST before they install the lighting?

Mind blown.

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