Friday, May 22, 2009

Riesling Bound

Where have I been lately?

Well, dear friends, hubs and I just got back from a badly needed vacation up to the Niagra/Finger Lakes area, and I couldn’t very well have posted HEY, THERE’S NO ONE AT OUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW! I suppose I could have posted some sort of silliness in the past week or so, but we completely unplugged.

No computers, no phones, no internets. Sweeeeeeet!

I have lots of pics…some awesome, but a lot that really sucked. Insert sad clown face here. I thought I would be better with my camera by now, but I obviously need a lot of work. If it’s any consolation, I made up for it in sheer number. Folks, I’m talking many, many gigs of memory!

Let me just say this: we have to be the only dorks from Florida who go to Canada when it is cold AND GET SUNBURNED!

An ohhhh, the wine! Did you know that Wayne Gretzky had a winery? Neither did we. So does Dan Akroyd. We had raw milk cheese, Cuban cigars, and even a touch of poison ivy. Awesome! We saw signs for Fries Poutine, more water falls that we could shake a stick at, and THE FLOWERS! Oh, the flowers!

Le sigh.

I’ll follow-up in the next couple of posts with pics and lots of adventurous stories.


Island Rider said...

You can post about being away on vacation, you just have to make sure you include a note about your big bad Dobermans and the neighbor with the scope and rifle who is a sharpshooter. Glad you had a good vacation, two weeks and it is my turn. Got those Dobermans out to guard dog training right now.

R.Powers said...

Wise move.
It always makes me nervous when a blogger announces they are going out of town.

Just the Right Size said...

FC, yeah right? I never understood that. It's like posting a sign on your front lawn that says "Please Break In!" :-)


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