Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Barry's Back and A Humble Harvest

Remember Barry the Box Turtle? Well last year, I saw him scurrying around the yard, I got a rare photo of him, then he disappeared. I figured my handling him the one or two times for photo-ops made him say "Screw this...I'm outta' here!" And then he was gone.

Well last weekend he showed back up! My local earthworm population must be shivering in their...um...slime? Poop? Dirt? Hopefully, he'll keep the local Cuban treefrogs in check too.
On other good things from the garden, we were able to harvest a small handful of yummy produce! I LOVE homegrown tomatoes, so hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. Small, I know, but here's hoping.
Everything is in full bloom and taking advantage of the small window between "Warm" and "Hot-As-Balls". That's an official temperature in Florida, dontcha' know!


OhioMom said...

"warm and hot as balls"? Lol .. we tend to stay in the low to mid 80's in the summer, hot enough for me.

Love your maters and green beans, and LOVE your flowers.

Hi Barry!

Just the Right Size said...


Yes, our official weather season's in Florida are:

- Warm
- Hot
- Hot-as-balls
- Hurricane
- Christmas Day

R.Powers said...

LOL at your temperature scale!

Great looking plants and what a swell turtle.

jojo said...

barry might be a betty! and came back to lay some eggs!!!! here's to hoping he/she did. that would be cool.


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