Monday, August 18, 2008

Thinking of My Friends

This will be an interesting week for some people here in Florida. The "potential" hurricane Fay is set to bear down on my West Coast friends in the next 48 hours, and, well you know how that goes. Those of us that are more seasoned are planning for this to be a real rain-maker, which is good. We need the rain.

It's pretty bad when you wish for a Tropical Depression just to get the rain. Speaking of, why do they call it a Tropical "depression"? Shouldn't it be named something more appropriate like "Tropical Fury" or "Tropical Irritation", or even "Tropical PMS?" There doesn't seem to be anything depressing about it, except the long lines at Home Despot and the non-stop media frenzy.

Still, that doesn't take the edge off. We all know "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" and a "Tropical Pain-in-the-Ass" can turn into a nasty hurricane overnight. To all my friends out there on the West Coast: take care and be safe!


OhioMom said...

Tropical PMS ... LOL! I hope Fay brings you rain without the fury!

Anonymous said...

You have my vote for Tropical PMS!

I think I developed some Tropical Depression when I realized I'd spent too much $$ at Publix the other day.
These hurricanes can get expensive, especially with grocery prices rising. Looks like Fay is working her way through the Orlando area. Stay safe, Kathy!

Come to think of it, Tropical Irritation works, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy, I hope your tropical torment will wimp out and keep you safe.
My mom lives in Fla., so I'll be keeping all of you in our thoughts.

Just the Right Size said...

We're fine. Just a bunch of rain and some gusty squawls. But it looks like Fay wants to hang around for a while and come back to visit!

Just hope this is the worst we get from this season.


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