Friday, August 17, 2018

Soapy Friday: Cream Laundry Soap

Ya’ll…YA’LL…I have been super busy this week making this amazeballs, natural Cream Laundry Soap. Yes. Laundry soap! 

Cream Laundry Detergent...and the angels sang
It’s made with 100% cold-processed coconut oil soap, washing soda, Borax, essential oils and fragrance oils, and it totally kicks ass! Or should I say it kicks dirty laundry’s ass! Blended with lavender and lemon essential oils, and a touch of an April clean fresh fragrance oil, it smells like heaven had a baby with a mountain stream and then bottled it up in this here jar.

Sooo lusciously creamy!
How do you use it? Why I’m glad you asked dear friend! You simply put 1-2 tablespoons of this luscious cream detergent in your washing machine drum BEFORE you throw in your clothes. Turn on your machine, and VIOLA! If you have a stain, just rub some of this amazing stuff into the stain (scrub with a toothbrush if extra bad) before washing, and step back to watch the magic.
  • No more gunky liquid detergent dispensers.
  • No more stepping on spilled powder detergent on the floor that SOMEONE didn’t clean-up. AHEM!
  • No more enshrouding yourself with synthetic detergent residue every time you get dressed…OH AND YOU’RE A TOTAL BALLER FOR NOT POLLUTING THE PLANET!
All natural super hero
Does it work? Ya’ll…YA’LL…I’ve been a laundry nerd waaaay before I was making soap. My nemesis is grease stains. It works ya’ll. It friggin’ works like a dream. And dare I say my clothes actually FEEL softer too?

I don’t have a stitch of dirty laundry in my house, as I’ve been testing this baby all week.

Drops mic.

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