Friday, June 15, 2018

Soapy Friday: New Soap Studio

We still have about 1/2 dozen random boxes to unpack and we're finally at the point where we can start hanging some art on the wall. But more importantly, I MADE SOAP!

Oh, you have NO idea how I've missed this. The last time I made soap was in March...maybe late April. Anyway, here's my new soaping studio!

New "Soap Lounge" ...LOL!
It looks more like a "soap lounge" though, doesn't it? It's all cool... I can hang out there while I'm waiting for my oils to cool or heat up. But I love that it's finished, clean and bright!

I even have company! Bucky looks like he's ready to party, but he's in a rocking chair, so maybe not?

Chillin' like a villain 
It's a little messy now, as I'm still trying to find my rhythm down here, plus I made soap! I made a big log of my "Super Scrub" as I've really, really, really liked how the last batch turned out. It's funny...the first time I made this soap, I also made pickles that week. I made this soap and pickles this week too!

"Super Scrub" Soap
I thought I had enough of my fragrance oil blend to make such a large batch, but I didn't so it smells just a bit different. Kinda bummed about that, but it turned out gorgeous and it works wonders on dirty hands or bodies.

"Super Scrub" topped with Dried Calendula Petals


Mary said...

Is your Super Scrub a new version of the Gardners Soap? Fabulous stuff. It stays hard and scrubby to the last little bit. I use the Gardners Soap every day. Your fragrances are Da Bomb!XOXOXO

Melissa said...

Looks like a comfy, creative space. I want to try some soap!!! Can I order some?

Just the Right Size said...

Wow guys...Blogger is flaking out and not letting me know I have comments. Sad face.

AnyHOO...yes Mary, it's a new version of my gardener's soap, but better! This one has cocoa butter for extra TLC on rough hands & bodies.

Melissa, I IM'd you on FB....I'll send you some soap!

Melissa said...

No problem, Kathy!


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