Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Visiting San Francisco

The first part of our trip was in beautiful, gritty, and hip San Francisco. We stayed downtown in Union Square and even our hotel had an art exhibit in the lobby. We walked anywhere we couldn't get an Uber, and we were lucky to befriend an Uber driver who acted as our very own tour guide for most of 3 days.

We ate. Very. Well. Our favorite was a Burmese cult following named Burma Superstar. We ate there 2 times in 3 days and their Tea Leaf Salad will haunt me for the rest of my days. Ghiradelli was insane and was worth the milk farts even after eating 2 Lactaid tablets beforehand. Chinatown was amazing and we were able to sit in on a tea tasting at a tea house. And of course, there were 1,000 pics to be taken of the Golden Gate.

We got into town 2 days after the election and every single person we met wanted to strike up a conversation about what happened. At one point, our Uber was stuck in traffic due to a political protest in the street.

San Francisco, you are a young person's city and we loved you!

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