Monday, September 26, 2016

Gratuitous Kitteh Monday - Redirected Aggression 6 Months Later

There has been a very happy "Thang" around here lately. See Exhibit A:

A Happy Thang
She has completely recovered from her redirected aggression episode 6 months ago, off all meds, and is probably even happier than before. Last month we took her to get her teeth cleaned and found out she needed 3 teeth pulled, as they had turned into cavities. She has a history of Feline Odontoclastic Resorbtive Lesions (FORLs), which can be very painful. Our vet told us that cats are like people, some have good teeth, and some don't. Brushing helps A LOT, but FORLs are hereditary and there is no known cure or prevention for them in cats.

The last time she had her teeth cleaned, they pulled 3 other teeth, so now she basically has no teeth on her bottom jaw except her canines and the small teeth in between her canines. At some point in her life, she may very well have all her teeth pulled, but no worries, as toothless kittehs can live perfectly happy and healthy lives.

After her recovery, she has actually been happier and more playful than we've seen her in at least a year or two. It was 2 years since her last cleaning, so I'm wondering if her earlier grumpiness with Leo had anything to do with it. A mouthful of painful cavities can definitely affect your disposition! Still, she showed no symptoms of having any issues, especially with eating. She continued to have a healthy, VERY food motivated appetite.

That's the thing with cats. They are very stoic and often don't show pain, so a behavioral issue may have a physiological origin. Who knows if this is/was the issue with Miss Thang.

We are back on a regular (every other day) brushing regimen. I had started with her when I had Leo, but things got pushed to the back in the aggression aftermath and then her having teeth pulled. I'm hoping this will make a difference for the future.

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