Monday, May 16, 2016

Gratuitous Kitteh Monday - Grieving

I had a conversation with a lady recently, who like me, had to rehome a beloved kitteh due to a redirected aggression episode. We both agreed the grieving associated with rehoming a pet is in many ways worse than losing a pet to death, as you often don't have closure.

You constantly question yourself or second guess if you made the right decision, or could you have done something different. For me, I wonder where Leo is, has he been adopted, is he happy and loved in his new home?

What really gets me is the thought of not knowing, or even worse, what if he's still in an adoption cage somewhere at some pet "superstore".

Such a handsome boy!
The non-profit rescue/adoption agency we gave him to can't tell me what happened to him. He was just a number in their system and that kills me. I did a little investigative work and found the store where he was sent to, but they lost all the paperwork we gave the rescue organization and they renamed him "Ralphie". Gag! 

After that one call, he was gone. Did he get shipped to another store? Did he get adopted?

The new owners wouldn't know or don't know anything about him. We wrote a small biography about him to help with his adoption, we provided all his medical records, his rabies tag/info, and his microchip information. It just kills me that all of this was lost in the flood of unwanted pets.

Leo had the most gorgeous Roman profile
Leo wasn't unwanted. He was loved and adored. He had a home and a story. My husband and I figured that we spend somewhere around $2,000 on Leo between adopting him, getting him healthy, and spoiling him. I half expect a phone call someday from the microchip tracking company telling me that they have "found my cat".

I know I am torturing myself with all this and I need to let it go, but it is really hard. Wherever you are Little Man, know that we love and miss you greatly - Love, Mom.

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