Friday, March 18, 2016


Say hello to my leetle friend, the Bugzooka:

When we first moved up to Virginia from Florida, we were used to bugs. I mean, we encountered just about everything with four legs or more down there, so we were like, "Bring it, Virginia!"

But I wasn't prepared for how annoyed and disgusted I was going to get over ladybugs. Not just your average, cute, garden ladybugs, but Asian Ladybugs that invade your home every winter, no matter what you do.

At first, I found them to be sort of charming. especially when we were renting and only a few of them came into the house. I thought, "They don't bother anyone and they don't bite or cause damage, so come on in, cute little ladybugs!" But for some reason, the house we live in now is like a magnet and on warmer winter/spring days, I can count 20 of them in certain parts of the house.

They seem to especially like the window area in the laundry room:

Enter the Bugzooka, which is a plunger-type, suction bug catcher that takes care of these critters in a second. No more dragging out the vacuum; no more using a million wads of tissues to catch these things, which by the way, will crawl right out of the wad the minute you throw them away. You just lock and load, press the button and....WHUMP...the Bugzooka sucks up the bugs and stores them in a see-through compartment at the tip. When you are ready, the compartment comes completely off and you can take it outside get rid of the critters or do what I do and flush them down the toilet.

Now it's fun to catch bugs! This will even take care of the scary wasps and hornets that somehow get trapped in our screened in porch; however, the suction reservoir has a size limit on the bug you catch, so no Florida cockroaches. Besides, a Florida cockroach would probably take the thing out of your hands and hit you over the head with it!

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