Thursday, January 07, 2016

Painted Kitchen Cabinets: 6 Months Later

I have a love/hate relationship with white kitchen cabinets.

I love how clean, open, and modern they make a kitchen look, but I hate that they show every smudge, drip, and finger print. I had white kitchen cabinets in my house in Florida and I was always on the lookout and wiping them down. I swore that I would never have white kitchen cabinets again...ahem. Well, people change, right?

It's been a tad bit over 6 months since I finished painting the kitchen cabinets and they have cured and held up WONDERFULLY!

I have only had 1 chip in the paint on an upper cabinet, and that is from me hitting the cabinet pretty hard with a glass measuring cup when I was pulling it out for use. Somehow, I had underestimated where the cabinet door was or I was distracted/in a hurry and hit the door pretty hard. This is the result:

No biggie. A little sanding, a drop of primer or two, and a touch of paint will make that good as new. That IS one of the benefits of painting your cabinets though, when you have a scratch, it's easy to fix. If I had taken a chunk out of a pre-fabbed cabinet, I wouldn't be able to match the paint.

Otherwise, the rest of the cabinets get a scuff or drip here and there. Mostly, I just wipe off with a damp washcloth, but for scuffs from silverware or stainless steel bowls, I VERY LIGHTLY buff them out with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

I've not seen any wearing-down/scuffing of the paint when I do this, even if I have to use a little elbow grease on tougher scuffs. That's a benefit of having white cabinets too. I know others who have painted their cabinets darker colors and have wiped-off scuff marks which later show. I attribute this also to the type of paint you use.

Overall, my husband and I are VERY happy with how the Benjamin Moore's INSL-X Cabinet Coat paint has held up and we've had many compliments. You can now get it at Home Depot too.

Would I do it again if I needed to? Absolutely, and may HAVE to depending on what type of house we buy next and where we want to spend money. However, next time I would invest in a sprayer to get that perfect, manufactured finish and to save time.

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