Friday, December 18, 2015

How to Glam Up Your LED Lightbulbs - Part 2

I really wish there were more decorative options for light bulbs. I mean, I KNOW there are more options out there, but they are super expensive.

So you all remember my Phase I, glammed up bulbs right? I took regular LED bulbs and removed all the warning and product information using nail polish remover.

They looked fine, but I decided to step it up a notch and introduce some more bling with gold, metallic spray paint.

First, I grabbed some painter's tape, Glad Press-n-Seal, and my LED bulbs:

I used the painter's tape to cover the plug end of each bulb and used the Press-n-Seal to cover the glass portion, leaving the base exposed like this:

I used Press-n-Seal to cover the bulbs versus the painter's tape, as it was more flexible and able to mold to the bulb's shape better. 

I then took the bulb's outside and gave them some love with a metallic spray paint. Don't they look like Christmas ornaments? So pretty!

I let them dry for about an hour and then removed the tape and Press-n-Seal. Depending on how well of a job you do with preparation, you will most likely have some touch-up work to do afterwards like I did.

I used some paint thinner and a q-tip to remove any over spray on the glass portion, and used a small paintbrush to touch up any portions of the base that didn't get covered. To do this, take a plastic, disposable cup and spray the spray paint into the bottom of the cup until you have a little puddle of paint. I used this to dip my paintbrush into for touch-up.

After the touch-ups are dry, screw those babies back in, step back and enjoy!

I think they turned out fabulous, don't you? The only irony to all of this is when I have the fixture turned on without the dimmer on, you really can't see the gold at all, it comes across as black. They really look their best without the light on, which suites me fine, as we rarely use this fixture.

Another way to add an extra little bit of glamour to an otherwise boring light fixture. You're welcome!

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