Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cold Storage

I have a few home improvement projects on the back burner that I want to tackle in the near future, one being an upgrade to our master bath: It's big and it's boring.

For a temporary fix, I would like to upgrade that vanity, install two large, recessed medicine cabinets, and replace the overhead light fixture with 3 sconces.

I also want to replace the "boob" light fixture in the center of the room with a nice decorative light fixture over the tub (a chandelier?) and have a recessed, can light installed over the shower. Possibly even installing a new shower door with a brushed bronze finish rather than chrome. I actually want to get rid of all the chrome in the room.

If I had my druthers, I would rip out that jacuzzi tub with a nice soaker and retile. I hate that tile. But, that's pretty much an entire remodel type upgrade and I don't think that's entirely necessary at this point. If that jacuzzi tub ever dies....welllllll then we'll talk.

But back to the doable. My biggest obstacle in thinking this out has been the friggin' medicine cabinets! I would like much larger, preferable beveled glass door medicine cabinets, but they are EXPENSIVE.

Tut, tut....

Apparently I'm not dreaming big enough. Robern makes this beauty...LOL!

I guess they call it "cold cream" for a reason!!!!

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