Friday, July 20, 2012

We Did It!

We did it!  We are officially homeowners and have been for 9 whole days.  We've been super busy getting things prepped, coordinating with contractors, and trying to get ready for the big move.  So far, we've had radon mitigation in the basement, the AC ducts cleaned, the painting started, the back 40 bush-hogged, and have had about a gazillion carpet estimates.  Tomorrow we get the gutters cleaned and the house power washed. 

What is it with carpet companies?  We've had estimates that have been all over the charts...from $5k to $10k for approximately 170 square yards.  Some of these people are on drugs if they think we are going to pay $10k for friggin carpet!  We bit the bullet and are trying Lowes.  I know, I know, but they have the Mowhawk Smartstrand carpet and cushion I want.  The installers are legit (from what I've researched).  We'll see...

Meanwhile, the areaway drain outside the basement is backing up and flooding into the basement when it rains really hard.  So that means, the basement finish is on there's the whole financing thing.  'Nuther time.

AND! Hubby got his first tick.  Welcome to the country!

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Mary W said...

Congratulations! HUGE congratulations! Welcome to the joys of home ownership. You too now can say, "It's always something!" Hugs and hugs!


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