Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Planet Radon

So the radon test they did in the basement came back very high...like over 2 times the highest safety amount high.  So, since the house is on a well and septic system, we researched that it was highly recommended to have the groundwater (well) tested for radon too.  The house can be mitigated, no biggie, but if the water tests come back high, we are going to walk away from the sale.

Surprisingly, it's been a pain in the patootie to get the water tested for radon.  We've probably spent close to $500 with three different tests to find this out.  The first test just tested the well water for e-coli and other scary stuff (came back fine); the second test, called an Alpha/Beta test will test for all kinds of radioactive crazies (will come back in the next day or two), and the third test, which will test specifically for radon will come back by the end of the week.

For the radon test, hubby had to drive all the way to Richmond to deliver it to a specific laboratory.  Sheesh.

Cross your fingers!


Mary W said...

:-{ Uh-oh! So sorry about the hassles. Fingers crossed for better luck!

Just the Right Size said...

Thanks Mary! We're crossing everything!


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