Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Manatees!

A couple of weekends ago, hubby and I went to Blue Springs State Park to see the annual cavorting of the winter manatees.

Can manatees cavort? Either way it was flipper-to-flipper action!

Each year, when the weather gets cold, these gentle giants make their way to wamer water for the winter. Manatees are warm blooded mammals that cannot survive when the water temperatures reach 60° or cooler. Fortunately, the water temperature at Blue Springs stays a toasty 72° all year long.

On this particular day, there were 155 manatees counted in this spring alone. It was a very popular place that day for local and out-of-state visitors; it was a little crowded. But the manatees did not disappoint their biggest fans.

The weather was a little blustery and overcast, but the water is always crystal clear. It almost looks like someone's swimming pool, no?


R.Powers said...

A couple of weekends ago, I was 15 miles away from there and made a (dumb) decision to skip it due to time constraints!

Great pics.

Just the Right Size said...

FC, they're still there! Make another trip, it's worth it!

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Anonymous said...

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Marysol said...

Cute, wobbly giants! They really do look like they're in a pool.

Just the Right Size said...

Sol, it was an amzing experience! So many of them in one place...and they literally came right up to the shoreline.


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