Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last weekend, hubs and I bought about 100 lbs. of organic, pasture-raised, grass-eating, hormone-free, and generally all-over-happy-to-be-here beef from a local farmer. As I mentioned before, Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSAs) programs are pretty darn hard to come by in Central Florida. That makes me sad.

I have to really, REALLY look hard and go a bit out of my way to find people who care about how our food is raised, prepared, and sold around here. We drove through the valleys and over the (muddy) hills, managed to get lost, but eventually found our way to Misty Meadow Farm in Barberville/Pierson Florida.

They don’t have a website, but they are truly legit. Their phone number is (386) 749-9007; ask for Anne.

Anne and Frank were some of the nicest, down-to-earth couples my husband and I have met in a long time. You know they really care about what they are doing, and Anne couldn’t dream of being anywhere else than right there on that farm. Besides organic beef, they sell organic pork, duck meat, duck eggs, goat’s milk fudge, and some of the best goat cheese I have ever had. It’s all organic. It’s all unpasteurized. It’s all wonderful!

So, we pulled out 2 T-bone steaks and fired those babies up on the grill on Sunday. Like buttah!

Now if we can keep the ‘canes away from us this season, we’ll be happy campers in the meat department for some time!


jojo said...

good job on finding and researching. :)

like buttah!!! mouth is now watering.

Marysol said...

Excellent post, Kathy!
And I have no trouble imagining how good those steaks must've been, even with the picture of that adorable animal dancing in my head.

Just the Right Size said...


Gotta love gardners! I found these peeps through some gardening buddies. I thought of you when we saw the goats and I got to try REAL, fresh goat's milk for the first time. Tastes just like regular milk!

Why Sol, do I detect a hint of sarcasm there? Hmmmm?


Those cute little critters sure were yummy! :-)


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