Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm Going to Make Millions!

“Smell my finger.”
“Smell my finger! Smell it!!”

I shoved my right hand under his nose and he took a cautious sniff. He stopped in mid-smell, looked up at me, and I swore I saw his pupils dilate. He then buried his face into my palm and inhaled long and deep.

“Oh my God, that smells SOOOO good! I am going to EAT YOU UP!”


Ladies, listen closely. If at any time you find yourself making beef jerky, be sure to dab a drop of Liquid Smoke in a few strategic locations on your body. You will be ravaged!

Now, if I could only figure out a way to bottle it with some beer and give it some foo-foo French name, I’ll make MILLIONS!


Marysol said...

I can't imagine why the title caused me to stampede my way over.

So now you're making beef jerky?
And I suppose next time you'll tell me you're making your own wine. :-Þ

Well, I'm off to nab a bottle of Liquid Smoke.

I hope you make millions, and you probably could, but not in FLA. Try California.

R.Powers said...

Actually, vanilla extract will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

LOL! My hubby would go for that!

Just the Right Size said...

Sol, you should try it; it WORKS!

FC, Hmmmm...I think you're on to something.

Jillian, it works a lot like the "new car" or "new leather" smell. :-) Men go ga-ga for that stuff!

Irene said...

Omg, my husband goes nuts over the smell of beef jerky! I can't take it, but he loves it. Hehehe millions......

I'm going to re-post the answer to your question here. I posted on my blog, but not sure you will get to see it. :)

Re: bread. I just baked it in a lightly oiled (sprayed with oil spray) cookie sheet. I did not pre-heat the cookie sheet in the oven since I did not have anything I could use to slide the dough onto the cookie sheet and I didn't want to get my eyebrows singed :). To my - admittedly not very refined - palette, it worked out really well!

Andrea said...

I use liquid smoke in fajitas as well. You should try it! I'd love to try making my own beef jerky!


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