Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Squirrel Ate My Car!

So, I drive a PT Cruiser. I love that car! It's small, but big when I need it, and it's cute with lot's of tailgating potential. I take good care of it, so when it started acting funny the past day or two, I told hubs to take it in to Chrysler for an oil change and to have it checked out.

He called me later and told me that a squirrel had gotten under the hood and decided it looked awful homey, so it built a nest using ohh, insulation and wiring it managed to gnaw from the ENGINE!

WTF? I drive my car everyday, so it's not idle. We don't have any trees around our house and we live in a subdivision, not the boonies. This is going to cost mayjah $$ to fix, but the worst part is the little *&%^$#er will come back and rebuild! This isn't New Orleans, you squirrely little bastard!

I've heard of this happening up north, but not in Florida! Does anyone know what I should do?


OhioMom said...

I have heard of it happening up here, but have no idea how to prevent it. Sorry for the damage to your car.

OhioMom said...

Well, I just had to "google" this problem, one suggestion was to scatter cayenne pepper under the hood .. who knows ?

Just the Right Size said...

Yeah, I've heard that too, but with my luck the pepper would get sucked up into the vent intake and blown into my car! :-)

Marysol said...

Kathy, therein lies the problem, you live in a subdivision, with nary a tree in sight. Where is the little guy supposed to go?

Anyway, if all else fails, you might want to contact these folks

Seriously, I understand why you're upset, and I really wish I had a solution for you. Unlike you, I live in the boonies, and I've never had this happened to me, yet.
Actually, that's not entirely true. We had a cat hiding in the engine of my avalanche a few years ago. We tried everything to coax him out, but the feline was just too terrified to come out.
But (and I know the animal rights activists are gonna cringe at this), the only thing that finally worked was hosing the cat full blast. He shot out from under the hood like a bat out of hell. And ran, never looking back.

Good luck pal.

jojo said...

LOL... only you... so my suggestion is build gnummy is own squirrel house. and then leave peanuts as a trail to it. ha.

thats too funny. ah sorry!!! :) it is!!!

i have a family of 10 in my yards? and they don't really gnaw on much are you sure it ain't rats?


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