Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pray the Anger Away

Wanna know what we’re fighting about? The plastic, crapass miter box you can buy at either Home Despot or Lowes. We’re doing the baseboards now and hubs says, “I don’t know how the Amish do it, but my last name isn’t Yoder!” We sweated, cursed, and called it a night when things got ugly. “I wonder how the Amish deal with crap like baseboards?” Hubs replies, “They pray the anger away.”

We deal with it by drinking heavily. Seriously, a miter saw is in the works TODAY. Nothing fancy, schmancy, but mid-to-upper range. I don’t need something that will build a barn.


R.Powers said...

The upside of DIY remodeling is that it is a great excuse to buy new tools, as in,
"Honey, I could do that job, if I just had a ____________.

Hang in there!
Wait till you have to cope a piece of molding.
You may have to sacrifice a goat at that point.

OhioMom said...

LMAO! "pray the anger away" ?

"Sacrifice a goat" :)

I am sorry, I am not laughing at you but with you ... this too will pass.

Just the Right Size said...


Yes, hubs just called...going on about compound and sliding miter saws. Dollar signs started to appear out of thin air! I think it would be easier to just sacrifice a goat.

Mom, I'm glad SOMEONE is laughing! We may need counseling afterwards. But the truth is the tile looked great during the "dry run". Now I need to actually cement the tiles in place!



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