Monday, June 09, 2008


I always tell hubby that nature abhors a vacuum. For example, whenever we lug a large box or something to our storage unit (no basements here), then something else magically appears to take its place. Or like this weekend, I had to dish out $600 for two tires (alignment, labor too, etc.) this weekend for my car, but won $100 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. So I say to Ma’ Nature…where’s my other $500 dollars!!

Update: the ticket didn’t win after all, so I’ll keep waiting.

Anywho, summertime is grill time and we love to grill out on the patio. From steaks to fish, to fruit and veggies, even bacon gets the grill treatment, and I love it! And of course, no grilling event would be the same without cold beverages, preferably the alcoholic kind. I found this nifty and VERY tasty Margarita recipe last year at of all places, the comments section of Stephanie Klein’s website. I can’t remember the name of the lady who posted this recipe, so I just called them Austin Margaritas.

Thank you, whoever you are!

They’re sooooooo easy and you can truly lighten up the calories on this drink by using diet drink products; it tastes exactly the same either way:

Austin Margaritas

1 12 oz. can of frozen Limeade (or use diet Limeade)
1-2 12 oz. bottles of Corona, to taste (or use Corona Lite) **I like 2 bottles
1 12 oz can/bottle of Sprite (or use Sprite Zero)
1 12 oz can of tequila, your choice (just fill up Limeade can for measure)

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher with ice. Salt rims of chilled glasses and enjoy!

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OhioMom said...

These sound tasty, give me a couple of these and skip the cooking :)


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