Wednesday, October 11, 2006


“I sold out,” the woman stated. “I sold out to other people’s definitions of what it meant to be successful. I adapted and adapted to people I didn’t gel with. I even started to tell myself it didn’t matter where I lived or whether or not I had friends in my life. I guess I became convinced I didn’t have a place on this planet. I forgot that little things mattered. I got further and further away from myself until I almost forgot who I was, how I felt, and what I wanted. One day, like a rubber band, I couldn’t stretch myself any further. I sprang back.”

It’s time for me to come home. I’m not talking about a place where I lived once or the home from my childhood. It’s time for me to find my way back to a solid, tangible connection with myself, if I even know how to get there in the first place. I’ve never been, or maybe it was only something that passed me a couple of times in my life, like driving by something really fast in a car. “Did you see that? What was that? Oh, well...dum-dee-dee-dum.” It’s time to shake myself out of my rut, challenge my values, stir up emotions, and show myself that maybe I was paying attention all along.

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